Designed for Success

RiBridge was developed by engineers and cardio-thoracic surgeons. The design was generated following extensive research and conceptual modelling including:
  • material selection - RiBridge is made up of a titanium alloy
  • durability and reliability testing to withstand the body’s environment and force
  • Assessment of medical procedure
    • reduced time of procedure by eliminating need to attach accessories
    • improved safety of procedure by making unit out of a single piece, unlike competing products, preventing loss of parts in the body
  • Design for Manufacture using a single process.

In view of the aforementioned benefits along with the consideration that the market has a deficiancy of such a medical device it was agreed that further studies are required on this project in order to be able to commercialise the RiBridge. Chest wall reconstrution is typicall associated with lung, bone or chest wall cancer amputation and the correction of chest wall deformaties such as Pectus excavatum and Pectus Carinatum. Other uses of the RiBridge system include the rib fracture support and sternum support in cases of sternum desection.