Why Ribridge

Patients that suffer from bone cancer in the ribs or lung cancer that has spread into the inner portion of the chest, require a resection of the thoracic wall. An artificial device is thus required to reconstruct the chest wall to prevent lung collapse and resume normal breathing. In a rib resection it is vital to also maintain the patient’s normal physiology. Chest wall reconstruction can be complicated and surgeons are sometimes limited by the available tools and products on the market.

Problems associated with artificial rib implants include;
  • Lack of fixation strength between the device and the native rib
  • Difficulty to manufacture
  • Inability to accommodate different defect sizes
  • Hindering patients’ appearance and comfort 
The RiBridge addresses these issues in an off-the-shelf kit of artificial rib implants which offer improved fixation and ergonomic fit.
The implants are supplied in a kit of 3 devices of different lengths to accommodate different defect sizes without the need for adjustment during surgery.